What if there was one place you could go online to find conscious events, get money saving offers and access to educational, mindful content from likeminded visionaries while supporting other conscious businesses?

A place to build community, connect and grow.

Imagine Elephant Journal meets Eventbrite meets Groupon meets Yelp for conscious consumers…. well THIS IS IT!!

Even better, what if YOU had a space designed by conscious creators for the conscious community where you could show up fully self-expressed, connect with like-minded seekers, discover amazing tools and resources to exponentially support you in your own personal growth and evolution. A place where authentic connection and real transformations happens…

This is a game changer for conscious community!

Introducing Meraki Tribe Collective


Meraki [may-rah-kee] means to do something with your soul, creativity, or love; the essence of yourself that you put in your work.

Therefore, Meraki Tribe Collective, is a tribe of healers, changemakers, conscious business owners and beings, who pour the full essence of ourselves, our love, creativity and soul into our work as we come together to heal the collective, to raise the vibration of the planet, help usher in the new earth and co-create a conscious economy.

We created a Mindful Marketplace and Private Social Platform for likeminded beings committed to shifting the business and marketing paradigm from that of competition to collaboration, from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, from greed and consumerism to a generous energy exchange of our gifts where we all thrive together.

Meraki Tribe Collective is The Go-To Place to...

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Easily Discover & Connect With Conscious Businesses
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Shop Products & Services Aligned With Your Values
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Find Conscious Events, Workshops & Retreats
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Get Money Saving Deals & Offers
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Explore Inspiring Educational Articles and Videos
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Write reviews to share your experience & recommend your favorites
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Connect and engage with likeminded community
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Support Likeminded Visionaries and so much more…
It's FREE to join as a Wisdom Seeker and chock full of amazing resources, benefits and advantages.

We aren't afraid to embrace the woo either! We welcome all things esoteric, ethereal and woo woo!

Read on for all the details!

WHO is Meraki Tribe Collective for?

Meraki Tribe Collective is THE place for wisdom seekers and wisdom keepers to find and be found!

Meraki Tribe Collective is not for everyone - we are calling in a very intentional collective of souls who are committed to higher consciousness and shifting paradigms by collaborating together so that all sentient beings can live in prosperity, peace and harmony and we can usher in the next evolution of humanity. We truly believe this reality is possible! However, we are in a time of great change and at a choice point right now. We can continue to move towards disintegration and despair as a collective, OR we can consciously choose to raise the vibration of the planet, move towards integration and unity as a collective. We are looking for the souls committed to the latter. If that's you… we invite you to join us.

wisdom keepers

Wisdom Keepers are conscious businesses who are committed to being in service to others through the sharing of their transformational wisdom, gifts, products and services. Changemakers from healers and sacred medicine carriers, to coaches, light workers, yogis, retreat and ceremony facilitators, modern day mystics, and any conscious business owner committed to the healing of humanity and our planet. Basically, you have a conscious product or service to promote and share for a monetary exchange and need tools to do so.

(Are YOU a Wisdom Keepker? Click the + sign for our definition. )

are you a wisdom keeper?
  • You’re a healer, lightworker, coach, musician, artist, author, speaker, or offer sustainable natural or healthy products and services, or just run your business in a conscious manner.
  • You have done (and continue to do) the work to heal yourself and are ready to share your experiential wisdom in service to others.
  • You have an important message to be heard, gift, skill, talent or valuable information to share that contributes to the betterment of humanity and our planet and you need a platform to have your message heard.
  • You care deeply about using products and materials that are sustainably sourced, good for our planet and safe for human consumption.
  • You care about the quality of the products and services you produce and their impact on the health of your clients and the environment.
  • You curate conscious events, classes, workshops, ceremonies, concerts, festivals, or retreats and need a convenient easy way to share and promote them.
  • You’re committed to conscious living, to your own healing, and to being a catalyst for the healing of humanity and the planet!
  • You’re committed to creating your vision for the world and having it happen.
  • You understand that when we work together with deeply held intention for the good of all...WE ALL WIN!!

wisdom seekers

Wisdom Seekers are conscious consumers in pursuit of higher consciousness seeking likeminded community, resources, healing and deeper understanding. Wisdom Seekers are committed to their own growth and evolution as evidenced by their desire to live more consciously, intentionally, and sustainably and have a deeper understanding of self. They are openminded with a growth mindset - eager to learn and grow - and share their insights. You're not looking to promote or sell anything just to consciously connect, share and evolve.

(Are YOU a Wisdom Seeker? Click the + sign for our definition. )

are you a wisdom seeker?
  • You are seeking healing, to break old programmming and ancestral woundings, to attain higher consciousness and remember your own wholeness and perfection.
  • You’re committed to continually evolving, educating yourself, expanding your mind, and always focused on becoming your highest self.
  • You are seeking likeminded community, mentors, growth and accountability partners.
  • You crave real connection and community that allows you to show you authentically as you are and holds you to your highest with love and compassion.
  • You care about where you spend your dollars and who it supports.
  • You care about our earth, the environment & sustainable living, and choose to live in a way that honors it.
  • You care about equitable energy exchange, and supporting those with fair business practices.
  • You care about the quality of what you consume - what you feed your mind, body and spirit.
  • You love attending conscious events, classes, workshops, festivals & retreats!
  • You understand that when we work together with deeply held intention for the good of all...WE ALL WIN!!
Healing & Higher Learning ...
Our platform was created with this intention in mind.

As a Wisdom Seeker, Meraki Tribe Collective empowers you with educational resources, tools and conscious community to support you on your journey of self-discovery. We truly believe the best gift you can give to yourself, your family, your partner, your children, your community … the world … is a healed and whole YOU!

And that begins by choosing to get to know who YOU truly are and why YOU are here. The path of the seeker begins with awareness and an open-hearted desire to discover your own personal path to healing, wholeness, evolution and growth. Here' s the secret - you are already whole, perfect and complete - you just get too remember the divine purpose encoded in your DNA, get clear on the life you want to create, unwind from the patterns and programming keeping you from the life of your dreams - and then go out and create it!

It is possible. We know because we've done it and now we want to share the tools that supported us in remembering our wholeness - and if our path isn't for you - support you in finding and connecting with the people and tools that ARE meant for you.

There's 7.98 billion people on the planet, therefore 7.98 billion perspectives and unique paths back to self - and fortunately we all have our own fractal lines and tribe that are here to walk this path with us, teach us, trigger us, activate us, inspire us, educate us and LOVE us.

Part of our vision for Meraki is to be the bridge to help connect those who are consciously committed to creating a more sustainable, healed and whole world where we can all show up fully self expressed and be met with compassion, love and kindness and likeminded souls to cheer us on. We dream of a world where people choose love above everything else, where we get what really matters and and that our contribution to this world matters!

If you are looking to connect with a tribe of likeminded conscious beings committed to creating a better world … you might just find your tribe at Meraki Tribe Collective.

How it works & what’s in it for me?

As a Wisdom Seeker you would simply join the platform with our FREE general user plan. This will give you access to our Mindful Marketplace and Meraki Social - our private social platform and community. All we ask is that you show up with an open heart and a desire to grow and evolve, be a contribution to creating a better world, and agree to understand and honor the context of our platform. Don't worry it's clearly defined so you can decide if this is the place for you, then you can jump in join the conversation dive in to the educational resources and take advantage of all the wisdom being shared.

intearctive listings

Search Interactive Listings in our Mindful Marketplace to find and get to know our knowledgable Wisdom Keepers, their products and services while supporting businesses that align with your values.

conscious events calendar

As we grow, our vision is to boast the most comprehensive events calendar and be the go-to place to share and find conscious events, making it easy for the community to connect and grow.

client reviews

Our robust review system allows you to share your personal experience with Wisdom Keepers on our platform to support others in finding business that are trustworthy, operating safely and in integrity.

articles databbase

Our articles platform is a powerful way to explore conscious content, get educated and be inspired by the amazing Wisdom Keepers generously sharing their wisdom and gifts. We believe the content you feed your mind is as important as what you feed your body!

special offers

We encourage our members to take advantage of money saving special offers, support the conscious business on our platform and contribute to co-creating a conscious economy.

private soccial community meraki Social

Get access to Meraki Social our private social platform which is a safe container to connect, share, learn and grow with other likeminded souls. Inside you will find a plethora of educational resources in our Learning Center, plus get access to lots of experts, events, resources and much more.

... AND there's more...

If you are loving the vision and mission of Meraki so far and can think of tons of people just like you that could benefit from this platform …

... then this part you are going to REALLY LOVE! 

While we are on the topic of what’s in it for me… last but certainly NOT least… perhaps the most important part of our platform… YOU can become an influencer and leverage your influence for good and get paid!!

Our goal is to become the one stop shop for conscious community to connect, engage and make the world a better place. In order for that to happen we need to make sure people are aware of our platform and all the amazing benefits that comes with being part of it, and the best way to do that is to incentivize our members to share the platform with others.

Besides all the censorship, ads and distractions, one of the other things that really bothers us about other social platforms is the fact that they profit OFF their users, organic reach is at an all-time low and the big platforms make it more and more expensive to reach potential clients while taking your valuable information and selling that to others.

We aspire to have the members of our collective feel a sense of ownership in this vision - which is why at Meraki Tribe Collective, our intention is to profit WITH our members, not OFF our members so we decided to give up to 30% of our revenue (monthly and residually) to our members through our generous influencer affiliate program, and put our money where our mouth is.

When you join Meraki Tribe Collective, as a paid member you pay a flat monthly fee to access all of our amazing tools and YOU keep all the profits you generate through your marketing efforts on our platform and with a little more effort you can turn Meraki into a passive income source… and for some of you a money making machine.

Our philosophy is designed around the concept that we all support one another, contribute, collaborate, work and grow together. It's a win-win for all.

Wow! This all sounds amazing!! How do I join?

Our goal is to keep the platform affordable, with a low barrier for entry so it is a no brainer to participate. We will be rolling out new features over the next few months as we dive in an get a feel for exactly what our community needs. We have several membership levels so you can choose what works for you.

We offer plans for businesses (WISDOM KEEPERS) and for individuals (WISDOM SEEKERS)
(see plan details below).


The Wisdom Keeper Seed Plan is limited to the first 250 businesses that sign up.

Once the first 250 business listings have been claimed we will switch to offering our 
Wisdom Keeper Sequoia Reach
($144/mo) Business Membership Plan. 

The Individual Influencer  & Free General User Accounts are unlimited. 


Become a SEED PLAN charter member. Be one of the first 250 paid businesses to register for a Meraki business listing and get our highest full-featured plan at an incredibly discounted rate of only $64 per month (regularly $144) and lock in this rate FOREVER as long as you actively participate in the platform. This price will not be offered again after the Charter Member period ends. This is our gift to those who support us in our beginning stages as we are growing and building our community. Our request in exchange for this discount is that you "seed" the platform with your amazing content, events, videos, articles, etc., and actively participate in our community. Be sure to watch the videos if you have questions about which plan is right for you!

Meraki Tribe Collective Membership Plans

Need help deciding which plan is for you? Watch the videos.


$64/mo or $700/yr

For first 250 members only

  • Interactive Searchable Listing
  • Priority in Search Results
  • Up to 10 Categories
  • Publish Events
  • Publish Articles
  • Receive Reviews
  • Showcase Products
  • Promote Deals & Offers
  • Photo & Video Galleries
  • Soundcloud Gallery
  • No Ads On Listing
  • GPS Driving Directions
  • Add Phone Number | Click to Call
  • Link to Your Website or Sales Funnel
  • Promote in our Private Social Community
  • Educational Tools & Resources
  • Empowerment Marketing Academy
  • Influencer Account Included | 30%
  • Influencer Marketing Mini Course
  • Influencer Marketing Materials
  • and much more!


$11/mo or $97/yr

Invest in us! We'll invest in you!

  • Private Social Community Access
  • Influencer Account Included | 15%
  • Influencer Marketing Mini Course
  • Influencer Marketing Materials
  • Surprise Bonuses & Incentives
  • Access Member Listings
  • Access Public Events Calendar
  • Access Private Events Calendar
  • Access to Members Only Offers
  • Write Reviews
  • Refer business .. GET PAID!!



General User Plan

  • Support Our Tribe!
  • Private Social Community Access
  • Engage With Likeminded Community
  • Write Reviews
  • Access Member Listings
  • Access Public Events Calendar
  • Access Special Member Offers
  • Access Community Articles, Videos, Podcasts and more...

Frequently Asked Questions...

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