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Wisdom Keepers are conscious businesses who are committed to being in service to others through the sharing of their transformational wisdom, gifts, products and services. Changemakers from healers and sacred medicine carriers, to coaches, light workers, yogis, retreat and ceremony facilitators, modern day mystics, and any conscious business owner committed to the healing of humanity and our planet. Basically, you have a conscious product or service to promote and share for a monetary exchange and need affordable tools to do so.

Wisdom Seekers are conscious consumers in pursuit of higher consciousness seeking likeminded community, resources, healing and deeper understanding. Wisdom Seekers are committed to their own growth and evolution as evidenced by their desire to live more consciously, intentionally, sustainably and gain a deeper understanding of self. They are openminded with a growth mindset - eager to learn, grow, and share their insights. You're not looking to promote or sell anything just to consciously connect, share and evolve.

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